Registration in the list of Association for Legal Entity

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior


-Having seen the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

-Having seen Royal Kram No: NS/RKT/0918/925 dated Sep 6, 2018 on the appointment of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

-Having seen Royal Kram No: NS/RKM/0618/08 dated June 28, 2018 promulgating law on organizing and functioning of the Council of Ministers.

-Having seen Royal Kram No: NS/RKM/0196/08 dated Jan 24, 1996 promulgating law on the establishment of the Ministry of Interior.

-Having seen Royal Kram No: NS/RKM/0508/017 dated May 24, 2008 promulgating law on governing administration in Municipality/Provinces, Districts and Khans.

-Having seen Royal Kram No: NS/RKM/0815/010 dated Sep 12, 2015 promulgating law on governing associations and non-government organizations.

-Having seen sub-decree No: 109 RNK dated Sep 19, 2015 on organizing and functioning Ministry of Interior.

-With reference to Prakas No: 2193BK dated May 11, 2018 of the Ministry of Interior on conditions, forms and procedures on the establishment of registration of local associations and non-government organizations for legal entity.

-According to the application form No: 001SSBRK dated Sep 25, 2018 of Association of Fire Prevention of Enterprises of Cambodian.



Clause 1:

To register Association of Fire Prevention Enterprises of Cambodia, in the list of association for legal entity in the Ministry of Interior, which is located at Exchange Square, Room no. 906-2A, 9th Floor, Street 106, Sangkat Wat Phnom, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.

Clause 2:

Association of Fire Prevention Enterprises of Cambodia shall do any activity in line with laws on association and non-government organization, existing legal norms and regulations and its provisions as kept in the Ministry of Interior without any discrimination such as complexion, sex or religion.

Clause 3:

Secretary-General of Secretariat-General, Director-General of General Department, Commissioner-General of General Commissariat of National Police and relevant General Departments within the Ministry of Interior, Phnom Penh Governor, Director of association affairs and political party Department and the association as indicated in Clause 1 shall implement this Prakas from the date of its signature.

Phnom Penh, Nov 08, 2018


Secretary of State

Signature and Seal

Bun Hong