AFPE is the Association of Fire Prevention Enterprises, or The Fire Association for short. It is recognized by the Ministry of Interior as the foremost authority in Cambodia for the adoption, regulatory framework and the ongoing revisions of the first Building Code for Fire Safety in Cambodia.

As well as drafting the Building Code for Fire Safety, AFPE is the lead consulting body for the 5 National Centers that have the responsibility for Fire Safety in Cambodia:

  • NationalQuality Inspection Centre for Fire Equipment (NICE)

  • NationalQuality Inspection Centre for Fire Safety Systems (NICS)

  • National FireAcademy of Cambodia (NFAC)

  • National FireEngineering Institute (NFEI)

  • National FireHazard Investigation and Data Management Centre (NFID)

AFPE’s Executive Committee is made up as follows:

Okhna WANG Kitman – President

Mr. WALLACE Andrew – Vice President

Mr. ZHANG Wei – Vice President

Ms. CHEUNG Cynthia – Association Secretary

Mr. WANG Hai Chao– Director of Administration & Personnel Department

Mr. CHRENG Davannara – Director of Accounting & Finance Department 

What we do:

The Association meets on a monthly basis to discuss and take action on matters arising of fire safety, fire incidents and review plans for development and construction that fall within its remit of fire safety. The Association also liaises with other Ministries and Organisations for the advancement of fire safety in Cambodia and aims to achieve best practice by adoption of International Standards and thereby reduce risks to the public from fire incidents.


Why are we here

Before the Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings was launched, Cambodia had neither a Building Code, nor a Fire Safety Code. The Royal Government of Cambodia identified this as a risk to the health, safety and wellbeing of the Cambodian people, as well as being a source of economic risk and instability, so has engaged the Association and the National Centers to become the expert body to draft the Codes, provide expert advice on international standards for developers, contractors, designers, architects and engineers to follow when designing, constructing and developing new and existing projects alike.

Over the coming years, our team of international experts will be working tirelessly alongside the hardworking firefighters, Ministry of Interior Officials and the private sector to make Cambodian construction a safer place with regards to fire safety.


What services do we provide

AFPE are primarily an expert resource for the construction industry, professionals within the industry, developers and the general public to draw on. As the authors of the Building Code for Fire Safety, we are able to provide consultancy services relating to implementation and partner with projects to help them become compliant to the standards laid down in The Code.

 Under the other Centers affiliated to The Association, we can also help getting your products approved for use for firefighting and fire safety under NICE and NICS, which have their own laboratories for testing and approvals. We can advise buyers on what is approved and what is not, as well as guiding on best use and best installation practice for such materials and equipment.

 The National Fire Academy of Cambodia provides the training for training and qualifications for Cambodian firefighters, as the Kingdom transitions from the small, low rise buildings of only a few years ago to the modern, metropolitan landscape we now see around us and, likewise, The National Fire Engineering Institute (NFEI) provides a similar service for the private sector for fire safety professionals.

 Best practice and detailed fire incident reports will be available from NFID for both the private sector and Government alike, as we compile the information on how fires started and spread, as well as how firefighting systems fared in fire incidents. This wealth of data will be invaluable in making the buildings of Cambodia’s future safer for all.