Barn fire destroys rice and stock of elderly woman

2022-07-04 16:24:14

 June 13, 2022/ Khmer Times

An elderly woman was left shocked and saddened over the destruction of her barn when a fire left it burnt down.

This happened on the afternoon of June 12 at a plantation at Srah Pei Village, O’Andong Commune, Sala Krao District, Pailin.

The woman left barn-less in the fire was identified as Dunh Lian, a 72-year-old female resident of Suon Ampov Keut Village, Pailin Commune, Pailin City, Pailin.

Local police stated that the barn, measuring 15 metres long and 10 metres wide, was completely destroyed in the fire. 50 kilograms of rice and other home materials stored in the barn was also lost in the fire.

The cause of the fire was reported to be a wire grounding. Cases of electrical fire continue to be reported in the country as most homes are installed with substandard wiring and little knowledge. Electrical fire has caused many damages to homes and possessions. A previous electrical fire also claimed the life of a female teenager in Phnom Penh.