Khema International Polyclinic bags Fire Certificate Pack

2022-05-30 11:36:40

May17, 2022, 2022/ Khmer Times

Khema International Polyclinic received its Fire Certificate Pack from the National Quality Inspection Centre for Fire Safety Systems (NICS) recently that will ensure the safety of the patients, staff and visitors.

Andrew Wallace, director of compliance consultancy Cambodia Fairwind Enterprises, said on the occasion that fire safety, whether in a critically important place like a hospital, or a shopping mall, a factory, an office, a school, a condo block or even a restaurant, is most often down the list of priorities of the owners.

“This is understandable in some ways, as building and business owners have many concerns, such as financial issues, comfort and efficiency of their buildings or businesses to think of when they plan and operate their buildings and businesses,” he said.

“But they must also plan for the worst, such as a fire or some other life and property-threatening incident. We hope that leaders, like what the Khema Leadership Team has done, take their responsibilities seriously so that they ensure all occupants of their building are safe and secure from fire.

“The highly professional Khema Leadership Team has put fire safety at the centre of each part of this building. And rightly so. Imagine being a patient having an operation and fire breaks out? Well, our job is to imagine that, then take the necessary steps to first prevent the fire from happening, detect it if it does and extinguish it before it can do any harm,” Andrew said.