Fire razes factory to the ground, no injuries

2022-02-08 11:13:36

January 21, 2022/ Khmer Times

A Chinese-owned swimwear and bag sewing factory in Takeo province’s Tram Kak district was completely destroyed by fire.

District deputy police chief Major Keo Savin told Khmer Times that the fire broke out at the factory around noon today while workers were on their lunch break.

 Maj Savin said that before the fires, there was an explosion from a room in the factory and the fire then continued to burn the entire building and other parts of the factory’s property, causing many trucks, cars and other valuables to be completely destroyed. 

“According to the preliminary police investigation, the fire was caused by an explosion of electric wires inside the factory’s room by itself,” Maj Savin said.

“The fire then continued to burn the whole building and other parts of the factory and caused serious damages,” he said. 

He said that to put out the fires, police used a total of 60 water trucks and spent about five hours dowsing the flames, finishing in the early evening.

 Maj Savin said that according to the factory’s report, there are 1, 396 workers including 1, 122 women employed by the factory. 

No one was injured or died and the scope of damage has not yet evaluated.