Three-star military official and daughter-in-law dead in Phnom Penh fire

2022-01-05 11:21:10

November30 2021/ Khmer Times


A fire in Phnom Penh’s Kamboul District claimed the lives of two people, a three-star military officer and his daughter-in-law.

The tragic incident happened at midnight on November 30. The house that burned down is located at Borey Kimsand, Ta Ker village, Sangkat Kamboul, Khan Kamboul.

The deceased were identified as Chea Sophal, male, 60 years old. Sophal was the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces. His daughter-in-law has not yet been identified.

According to witnesses at the scene, when the fire broke out, flames and smoke were seen billowing out of the house. Neighbours also heard the homeowner shouting for help. When the neighbours saw the flames and heard the shouts, they used water hoses to try to put out the flames. It took five fire trucks to completely extinguish the fire

Unfortunately, the Sophal died before the fire could be extinguished. His daughter-in-law was still alive when the fire was extinguished and was brought by an ambulance to the hospital. She was declared dead on arrival.

The interior of the house was completely destroyed by the fire, but the fire did not spread to neighbouring homes. The cause of the fire is currently being investigated by the police.