Fire destroys more than 400 tonnes of fabrics worth some $200,000.

2021-05-25 10:35:40

 March 1, 2021/ Khmer Times 

Workers at a fabric factory had a close brush with death when fire broke out at their workplace in Andong Chros village, Ampil commune in Kampong Siem district in the Kampong Cham province on Saturday.

The workers were out on their lunch break when the fire broke out.

Fire-fighters took six hours to bring the raging flames and billowing smoke under control.

Provincial governor Un Chanda said 11 fire trucks belonging to the provincial police and two trucks from the district police had to battle the fire using 25 trucks of water.

The owner together with the workers could only watch at a safe distance as the fire engulfed the entire factory destroying more than 400 tonnes of fabrics worth some $200,000.

Chanda  said it was difficult to contain the fire as the fabrics were flammable.

“Luckily no one was injured in the fire, as it happened during the staff lunch break,” he added.

He said the fire-fighters also managed to stop the fire from spreading to neighbouring buildings.

Chanda said it is important for people to be trained in fire-fighting as they can use water hose or fire extinguishers to initially help to put out the fire while awaiting the fire-engines to arrive.

He said they do organise yearly programmes to promote and educate people on how to prevent fire outbreaks as well as how to put out a fire.

“It is important that people are educated on fire prevention as this would save properties and lives,” he added.

“I call on people to be careful, especially when they leave the house. They should turn off electronics and ask their neighbour to help take a look when they are not around to avoid fire,” he added.

Provincial police chief Major General Em Kosal said that the trucks were dispatched to the factory immediately after the factory was on fire.

He said that officials sent at least one fire truck from the neighbouring districts to put out the fire.

He said that firefighters took about six hours to bring the fire under control and stopped it from spreading to villagers’ homes.

Maj Gen Kosal said that the warehouse belonged to Ra Vuth who lived in Phnom Penh.

He said that the fire was caused by a wildfire nearby and spread to the factory.

According to the Ministry of Interior’s Fire Prevention and Rescue Department, there were 937 fires in 2020, killing 24 people and injuring 36 others.

It said the number of fires in 2020 increased by 220 cases compared to 2019. There were 707 houses and 594 stalls, as well as many other properties, damaged by fire.