Sar Kheng urges fire safety following deadly blaze

2019-09-06 11:50:03


A blaze in Mondolkiri province’s Pich Chreada district killed two teenagers. Supplied

Interior Minister Sar Kheng today issued a fire safety reminder over the current hot and dry spell following a blaze in Mondolkiri province which killed two teenagers on Monday evening.

Mr Kheng said that according to the weather forecast, temperatures in Cambodia will rise to over 40 degree Celsius over the next two months, resulting in hot and dry conditions which can easily result in fires.

“On behalf of the government, Ministry of Interior and myself, I want to appeal to all people and  local authority officials at all levels to pay attention to preventing or tackling fires during this dry season,” he said.

Mr Kheng urged people to be mindful about sparking fires when they cook or while burning incense, candles and garbage.

He also said that people should also be careful when clearing land, disposing cigarette butts, making electrical appliance connections and storing fuel or gas.

“Local authorities must keep checks on electricity supply cables and also widen public roads in vulnerable areas to facilitate timely intervention by firefighters,” Mr Kheng said. “The fire departments in the municipality, provinces and towns should continue to educate the public on fire prevention measures and ensure quick and effective response in the event of fires.”

On Monday, a blaze in Mondolkiri province’s Pich Chreada district killed two teenagers, injured two other people and destroyed four houses.

The National Police reported yesterday that the fire occurred when the owner of a house was transferring gasoline into a basin near the kitchen and some of it spilled into a burning stove.

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